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I've always had a love for motorcycles from a young age. Just like a 4x4 will take me to places most other vehicles would not, riding a motorcycle presents the environment I am travelling through from a completely different persepctive. It gives  more authenticity to the saying -  "being one with the environment."

After moving over to Australia my idea was to get my self an adventure bike (the SUV of motorcycles), then quite randomly I had the opportunity to bring home this 2014 Yamaha VStar650. It was an opportunity I could not refuse and having never ridden a cruiser before I thought - why not!

Keeping to tradition (as I did with my 80 series) I wanted to name the Vstar and after much searching came up with - PETRIE.

PETRIE is a little toy dragon that has the eagerness to do anything the bigger dragons can do. The VStar may only be a 650, but (at least to me) does what most bigger cruisers can do. Hence the name stuck. :)

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