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poppel corner


Poeppel's corner is a must stop point for anyone traveling through the Simpson Desert. It is quite unique as the states of Northern Territories, Queensland and South Australia all meet at this point. Not only is the meeting of the three states unique, but also, it is the intersection of three time zones. Spend some time at this location and you will have the experience of seeing midday and midnight occur three times.

This meeting point is named after Augustus Poeppel, a surveyor, who conducted a survey in the mid 1880s to find the exact location where the three states met.

The original post Poeppel erected was wooden, carved to a triangular shape with each state name engraved on the respective sides. This post is still standing and all overlanders crossing the Simpson Desert makes the pilgrimage each year. It is estimated that around 2,000 visitors travel to Poeppel corner annually.

Erected in the mid 1880s, the post was only seen by indigenous Australians until 1936 when the first European settler to cross the Simpson came across the post.

It was later discovered that the measuring chain used by  Poeppel was a few inches long (resulting from the chain being dragged along the ground), resulting in the location where Poeppel marked as the meeting point of the three states was actually incorrect. A concrete post has been erected in the correct position today whilst the original post still stands where Poeppel erected it.

The nearest town to Poeppel corner is Birdsville, 177km to the east of this point.

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